Horton Prather, author


Horton Prather is a retired electronics engineer and is the author of the Jake Grayson Suspense Series novels—exciting, clean suspense with a touch of romance. The first two books in the series are The Honduran Plot and Threat. He loves a thrilling story that both entertains and educates the reader.

Mr. Prather turned to writing fiction from a background of poetry and technical publications. During his career, he authored numerous technical papers and major proposals for advanced electronic equipment. Several of his technical articles on spacecraft electronic developments have been published in nation-wide magazines and presented in lectures at international symposiums. He also led several successful proposal teams and was responsible for proposal layout, writing of major sections, and acted as the technical leader and chief editor.

Mr. Prather performed the book design, layout, and formatting for both print and e-book versions of his two novels and also for Words on the Wind; the 2015 Anthology of Northeast Georgia Writers. He also served as Chief Editor for the anthology.Mr. Prather is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and is a Past President (2013 & 2014) of the Northeast Georgia Writers. He lives on Lake Lanier in Georgia with his wife, Vivian, and several imaginary characters roaming around in his head.