Horton Prather, author

Author Services:

FORMATTING FOR PRINT with options for E-BOOK or COVER DESIGN (Satisfaction guaranteed – You review and approve of all work.)

Format fiction or non-fiction book for printing - $75

— Up to 75,000 words (add $1.50 per 1,000 word increments above 75K words)

— Book design and size selection. Book interior is black and white with two fonts (serif body text and sans-serif title & chapter headings and drop-caps at chapter beginnings if desired.

— Addition of Front and Back Matter

— Author photo if desired, for biography or “About the Author” section in back matter.

— Option: Additional images can be inserted for $2 per image. All images are grayscale.

— You provide your completed, edited manuscript as Microsoft Word document, plus information for the title page, photo, copyright page and Word files for front and back matter. (Extra charge for PDF submittals or correction of format errors such as double spaces, tabs for paragraph indents, return key adjustment of page breaks— an estimate provided after manuscript appraisal.)

— Option: add basic editing for spelling, punctuation, and grammar for 50¢ per page.

WHAT YOU GET - I provide a PDF file of the formatted book interior suitable for uploading to Create Space or other POD printer plus an editable Microsoft Word document.

+Add formatting for Kindle e-Book - $25

— (Kindle eBook formatting only, without formatting the print book, is $50)

— Pictures in e-Books are inserted for $2 per image and can be in color.

WHAT YOU GET - I provide a filtered HTML file (or a Zipped Folder containing the HTML file and a folder with images, if applicable) suitable for uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing.

+Add a basic full-color cover design - $125

— You provide back cover copy and, author photo, short bio, or publisher logo image as desired.

— You provide a front cover digital image (.jpg) suitable at least 300 pixels per inch at the desired size.  You must own rights to the image, i.e., it is your photo, you purchased it with rights to print, or the photographer granted you rights.

— Add Custom Cover Option. (I provide custom front cover design) - $50

WHAT YOU GET—I provide a full-color front cover, book spine, and back cover suitable for upload to Create Space or another POD printer and the front cover e-book image if that option is included.

— (Cover design only, without formatting the print or e-book.) - $175

COMBINED PUBLISHING PACKAGE: All of the highlighted items above - $200
- A $25 savings 
(Option charges for words above 75K words, images, and other options chosen still apply.)

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