Horton Prather, author

Readers, I hope you enjoyed getting some of the backstory for this exciting Suspense novel. If you haven’t read The Honduran Plot and like tension and plot twists that will keep you up at night reading, then try this book. I have always been a fan of Clancy, Baldacci, Patterson, Grisham, and many other well-known Suspense/Thriller authors. Over the past few years I have also been influenced by many Christian authors. All of these have been strong influence in the writing of The Honduran Plot. Look for an exciting ride with a few insights on following God’s direction in your life.

HP: “So Ruben talked you into going on this mission trip to Honduras. When was that?”

Jake: “Like I said, we had just graduated from high school, so it was in May of 2009.”

HP: “I guess the trip was fulfilling and you were glad Ruben talked you into going?”

Jake: “Ha! That’s not even close. I had just started going with a beautiful girl and had a ton of work to do on a robotic vehicle that was going to get me a scholarship at Texas A&M, so I didn’t want to go. Then when we got down there to Tegucigalpa—that’s the capitol of Honduras—the poverty, crime and filthy conditions were appalling. I was homesick, and to top it all off on our last day there they had a military takover and threw the President of Honduras out of the country! Our flight was delayed, there were tanks rumbling in the streets, blackouts, and rioting. I never wanted to go back to that country again!”

HP: “Those things you didn’t like about your mission trip—the poverty and tragedy of people living in the dump and the political turmoil when the Honduran Military and the congress expelled the President, Manuel Zelaya—you owe your existence to them.”

Jake: “Huh?”

HP: “They were the inspiration behind the novel, The Honduran Plot. The original story was about your reaction to the mission trip, and why you went back three years later.”

Jake: “I considered that 2009 mission trip a disaster. It’s interesting that the dump and the political strife caused you to write me into existence. After that experience, I never wanted to go back to Honduras."

HP: “But you did go back three years later.”

Jake: “I really didn’t want to, but … it’s hard to explain. When Ruben and his girlfriend disappeared down there …”

HP: Wait, don’t say anything more!”

Jake: “Uh … OK, why not?”

HP: “Remember? I said we didn’t want any plot spoilers, and that part is in the book.” Jake: “Oh, come on, man! That part is right there in the blurb on the back cover of the book. Remember? It says (Jake assumes a low pitched, dramatic voice,) ‘When Jake Grayson learns that his best friend, Ruben, has disappeared in Honduras, his emotions war within him. They had been there together on a mission trip, and Jake vowed to never return—but he can’t just abandon his friend. Could he really accomplish anything? Despite his apprehensions, Jake returns to Honduras, determined to solve the mystery that has the police baffled.’ Remember that? You wrote it.”

HP: “Well, sure … ahem … I remember. I guess I got a little over cautious about letting too much of the story out. Maybe we should stop the interview now. Thanks for giving us some of the backstory.”

Jake: “I was glad to do it, Horton. This was fun.”

HP: “Thanks for coming by, Jake. We will have you on the page again soon to get some more insights on your adventure.”


HP: “Welcome Jake! I hope you don’t mind answering a few questions about your experiences in Honduras.”

Jake: “Sure, I’m glad to be here. I’ll try to do the best I can … it’s my first interview.”

HP: “Just relax, it will be fun. But remember—no plot spoilers—some of our followers haven’t read the book yet."

Jake: “Uh … OK, sure. What do you want to know?”

HP: “Well, first of all, how did you first get involved with Honduras? It seems an unlikely place.”

Jake: “It wasn’t my idea at all. My friend Ruben Avila got me into it. We were at my church’s youth group and this guy gave a presentation about people in Honduras who were so poor that they actually lived in the city dump. Even little children! They pick through the trash to get recyclable materials they can sell to support themselves. Some even pick through discarded waste from markets or restaurants to find scraps to eat. It was hard to believe!This guy showed pictures and was organizing a mission trip to help them.”

Interview with Jake Grayson

The protagonist of The Honduran Plot

Sometimes we wonder what motivates a character in a novel and how they came to be in the situation that changed their life. I thought it would be interesting to interview Jake Grayson, the protagonist in The Honduran Plot.

HP: “So someone was organizing a mission trip to help these destitute people living in a dump in Honduras. I guess after seeing those pictures you wanted to help. Is that what made you want to get involved?”

Jake:” No, man! I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. It was Ruben … he is very committed to his faith … he talked me into going.”

HP: “But you agreed to go anyway, so you must have seen the need.”

Jake: “Yeah, he convinced me it was the right thing to do. We have been friends since the third grade and he has always gotten me into situations I didn’t know how to handle. I guess I was sort of self-adsorbed. It was the end of our senior year of high school, and I was focused on plans for college and getting a scholarship. Anyway, I went along with him.”

HP: “If Ruben was always getting you into things, I’m surprised you let him talk you into this.”

Jake: “Well, I guess it’s because he was always helping me understand how to solve my problems. Sort of a mentor, you could say. He seems to be this steady kind of guy who knows what to do most of the time. He would tell you that faith and prayer gives him insight. I used to doubt that, but now I really believe it can … although sometimes I still have doubts.”